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Convenient Payment Plans

Aberdeen Academy High School provides unique and custom-tailored payment plans including a variety of accepted methods of payment. Our goal is to ensure each graduate receives an equal opportunity to purchase and own their high school diploma package. Choose from the options below according to what best serves your needs. Once you have made your selection, please contact an advisor who will be happy to assist your request.

To receive your high school diploma package in the least amount of time, a full payment of $249 with NEW Free Shipping is recommended. If you prefer a payment plan, our typical plan is set up with three (3) equal payments of $83.00; one upon initiating the payment plan, another two weeks later and the final payment two weeks after the second payment. If this standard payment plan does not fit your needs, you may contact an advisor who will help create a custom plan that works for you. The diploma package will not be sent until our online high school receives the final payment. To contact an advisor to set up your payment plan, Click Here

Diploma Package Methods of Payment:

Credit/Debit Card -

This is the preferred option for graduates as it provides the fastest way to receive the diploma package. We currently accept MasterCard, AMEX, VISA and Discover brand credit or debit cards. If you have permission from the cardholder, you may use a credit or debit card from another individual. If you decide you would like to purchase the diploma package using a borrowed credit card, you must supply your specific shipping details to ensure you receive the diploma package and not the cardholder.

Prepaid Credit Card -

We now accept prepaid credit cards from graduates who do not own a credit or debit card. To purchase a prepaid credit card, you may ask for one at a local supermarket or gas station as they generally can provide one and add the amount of funds an individual requests. Once you have a prepaid credit card, you can use it like a traditional credit card. Log back into the admistrative section of our online program and complete the diploma package order. You may contact an advisor if you have any questions.

Money Order/Cashiers Check -

Our online school suggest money orders or cashiers checks as a last option to purchase the diploma package. This is because you must mail a money order or cashiers check to our organization headquarters which means it will take much longer to receive your diploma package and cost extra to ship it to our staff. We do accept money orders or cashiers checks though and provide this option for graduates who prefer this method of payment. Please contact an advisor for further information on how to complete a money order or cashiers check diploma package order.

Optional Overnight Shipping

Each $249 high school diploma graduation package includes Free 2-Day Nationwide USPS Priority Shipping. If you would like your diploma package shipped overnight, you may login to our secure administration section with your username and password and choose this option when you checkout for the diploma package. You may also call a student advisor from the toll-free telephone number in the top right or simply complete the quick contact form on our CONTACT US PAGE

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