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Accredited High School Diploma Online Resources

In addition to membership with AACHE, Aberdeen Academy High School is also recognized by the American Accreditation Council for Higher Education ( The AACHE, like CNDLP is a private organization created with the purpose of endorsing online education programs and organizations who offer exceptional resources and programs that meet their code of ethics. The mission of AACHE is to provide a consortium of educational programs in various sectors that have ethical standards and follow aspects of their traditional offline counterparts. These endorsed online members of AACHE will then be recommended as an alternative option for individuals who need to complete their higher education or other forms of online learning.

Aberdeen Academy High School wants individuals to know that there are now many websites on the internet claiming they can provide the student with an accredited high school diploma online in one hour, a week or a few weeks to a month. These websites are not accredited by an accepted nationwide or state-recognized commission and are typically operated by individuals not in the United States. Some even claim by life experience they can give you an accredited high school diploma or just by answering one question over the phone. A real accredited high school progam takes months to years to earn and is determined by the amount of classes(if any) that have been completed by each individual. You cannot earn an accredited online high school diploma in a day, week or a month.

Our online high school requires applicants to successfully pass the program before they can order their diploma package. The high school course is designed in a format that is accelerated and can be finished in a short duration of time. It covers the major subjects that are taught and tested on in traditional high school. Our staff recommend applicants study before taking the exam, although they may retake the course as many times as they would like. Our high school diploma course is free and is not timed. It is a self-paced examination that can be completed quickly or as slowly as the applicant wishes. Our program is ideal for individuals who need a high school diploma especially when applying for a job or seeking a promotion. Please read our terms page for further specifics regarding our program and policy.

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