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Aberdeen Academy High School encourages you to enroll in our free program today to quickly complete and earn your high school diploma in 60 minutes or less!. Now, more than ever before, having a high school diploma is a priority if you are applying for a job or interested in furthering your educational studies. Our premier online high school applies a curriculum that combines standard teaching with an interactive format that is designed to be completed in one sitting but can also be taken at your own pace. Improve your potential in a short timeframe by enrolling in our free high school diploma program today! >> Enroll For Free
There are a wide range of websites that offer high school services online. There are those that offer six to twelve month intensive courses and have time restrictions on when you have to complete the courses. So what makes Aberdeen Academy High School the ideal choice for you? At Aberdeen Academy, individuals can enroll at any time, they will never have to wait for the start of a semester to enroll. Aberdeen provides an online high school program that can be finished quickly and entirely from a computer at home. The online high school course is designed for those who need to receive their high school diploma in a short timeframe. >> Enroll Now For Free
Once you have enrolled and finished the quick registration, you will have instant access to the exam. The course is segmented into three main parts, the first covering the major subjects that are taught in traditional high school. You will be tested in English, Math, Reading, Social Studies and Science. The next portion of the online high school course will be the Writing exam in which you will be required to produce an essay that meets the specifications listed on the page. During the exam, you will not be allowed to move on to the next section until the current portion is completed and you have passed with an acceptable score. The final segment of the online course allows those who pass the exam to order their diploma package. Most applicants can complete the exam in 2 hours or less. Enroll, pass and receive your high school diploma in less than a week with this fast course! >> Start The Free Course
Before website technology was available, earning a high school diploma was limited strictly to the standard four year option at your local high school. In today's day in age, you now have the choice between completing your high school education traditionally or through an online platform. More students are choosing to earn their diploma online due to the busy lifestyles they have and obligations of employment or family. This new option affords individuals who work or have commitments during the day to complete their studies at night or any available time they have. Whether you've dropped out or are planning to finally complete your general education, Aberdeen Academy High School offers the most convenient and affordable option to earn your high school diploma online at your own pace. >> Enroll
If you are currently employed or have other responsibilities that are demanding, it can be frustrating trying to find time to complete your high school education.

Aberdeen Academy High School provides the ideal solution for your needs as our program can be finished from any computer and 100% online. You can now take our high school diploma test at home and any time that fits with your schedule. The self-paced program will automatically save where you last left off and then simply login with the original username and password to continue when you are prepared. If you are ready to take a free high school diploma test, look no further. Complete the course at home or anywhere that has access to our website. >> Start The Test Now
High School Diploma Online Or GED (General Educational Development) test
If you were unable to complete high school in a traditional setting, don't give up! You have the option of either taking an online high school diploma course or taking the GED test. The GED test cannot be completed online and can only be completed at a testing center. If you plan to take the GED test, our program can help you prepare for the exams. Many of our students that went on to take the GED test were happy that they had taken the time to study for it. We have designed our course based on the materials that will be encountered on the GED test. Earning your GED certificate or high school diploma is a big accomplishment and will be beneficial to your future. Enroll today in our free online course and be on your way to furthering your education with Aberdeen Academy! >> Online High School Diploma Test
High School Graduate Statistics
It is the perfect time to go back to school; high school graduation percentages have shown an increase for the past three years, with a record 81.4% graduation rate for the 2012-2013 school year. Studies calculate that with this upward trend, by the year 2020, the United States high school graduation rate should reach 90%. The latest statistics, for the 2012-2013 school year, show the lowest state graduation percent at 68.7%, up from 63% the prior year. Only one state fell below 70% and 32 states were above 80%, with four states at 88%+. Data from the 2013-2014 school year should show at least two states reach the 90% thresh hold and by the following year, at least 2 more. Currently, Iowa stands at the top of the list, with a graduation percentage rate of 89.7%!

Just an annual 1.3% increase in graduates every year could amount to nearly 2 million more students earning their high school diploma in a decade. Earning a high school diploma is the first stepping stone to a life time of self-achievement, opening the door for career and educational opportunity.

Refer the U.S region map for individual graduation statistics by state. See where your home state falls!

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